2018 olympic figure skating drinking game

Yes, it is time once again for Olympic figure skating! On February 8, the action begins with the team event and skating will continue almost on the daily for two weeks to follow.

In honor of the games in Pyeongchang, your hosts at Coffee and Bars/Iced Coffee decided to put together some figure skating drinking game rules to brighten up your skate-watching experience.

Enjoy! We hope you’ll be tweeting along with us during the games, and if you haven’t already, listen to or subscribe to our podcast here.

Take a sip every time…

  • A skater falls.
  • A skater turns a triple or quad into a single.
  • Someone in ice dancing misses a twizzle.
  • A skater is visibly annoyed with their score.
  • The audience starts clapping along to the music. Two sips if they are off the beat.
  • Johnny Weir says something shady about a skater’s music. Two sips if Tara Lipinski does too.
  • Tara or Johnny says something your mom would say.
  • Terry Gannon subtly corrects Johnny or Tara.
  • Any commentator says something blatantly obvious (like “they want to skate clean here” or “they can’t afford a mistake”).
  • A skater says in an interview they just wanted to “skate their best” or they’re “just happy to be here.”

Take a big gulp every time…

  • A pair falls on a jump in unison.
  • A pair lift comes down.
  • Anyone falls in ice dancing.
  • A skater screams in the kiss and cry.
  • There is any sort of equipment or “costume malfunction.”
  • Any commentator mentions an “Olympic dream” or “dream come true.”
  • A commentator mentions an “Olympic moment.”
  • Johnny is wearing something on his head other than headphones.
  • Tara is matching whatever Johnny is wearing on his head.
  • A commentator jinxes a skater and they fall (like “just an easy triple loop to go” or “their triple-triple has been flawless in practice” *fall*)
  • Moulin Rouge is skated to.
  • Tara references her own skating career.
  • The phrase “literal Cinderella story” is made in reference to Bradie Tennell.
  • Gracie Gold throws shade via Twitter at Frank Carroll.
  • Anyone references Tara’s Olympic gold medal.
  • The phrase “supple” is used.
  • A skater gets hit with a flying stuffed animal.

Finish your drink if…

  • A U.S. woman wins a medal.
  • A U.S. woman withdraws and Ashley Wagner gets to skate.
  • Either Evgenia Medvedeva or Alina Zagitova are off the podium in ladies.
  • Mirai Nagasu lands clean triple axels in both programs.
  • Adam Rippon lands a clean quad lutz.
  • A male skater mentions their wife and/or kids multiple times during an interview.
  • Someone other than Virtue/Moir or Papadakis/Cizeron win the gold in ice dancing.
  • Anyone falls more than once in ice dancing.
  • A skater storms out of the the kiss and cry early.
  • There’s a collision in the warm up.
  • Tara references her own Olympic gold medal.
  • Someone pulls a Surya Bonaly (does a backflip/other illegal move in defiance).
  • Someone pulls a Nancy Kerrigan (says something snarky about a competitor on mic).
  • If a skater curses after their program (audible or through lip reading).
  • Bob Costas gets pink eye again.

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