Coffee and Bars is the pop culture podcast told through the lens of two long distance bff’s, Sylvia Rodemeyer and Joe Erbentraut

Each episode will cover the defining pop cultural moments of the week, track the nostalgia thread of a current song, film or TV show, reveal our friendship-defining socially awkward memories and also rate the best and the worst of media on representation and social awareness.

Honestly, it’s mainly an excuse to talk once a week but we hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Sylvia Rodemeyer is a writer, Scorpio and an introverted extrovert. She is a social strategist and editor at a major university. Her cats are grateful for Coffee And Bars because they are no longer her only audience. She is based in Long Beach, California, where her favorite coffee shop is Hot Java and her favorite bar is Que Sera.

Joe Erbentraut is a journalist, DJ, a mostly disastrous cook and also a Scorpio. They are a reporter at a popular online news source. They are awful at any type of accent so don’t ask them to do one. They live in Chicago, Illinois, where their favorite coffee shop is Cafe Mustache and their favorite bar is rhubarb.

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