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22429157_10159533146270094_2056178528_oIced Coffee is a podcast within a podcast. It’s a figure skating podcast, brought to you by the hosts of Coffee and Bars, that brought fresh analysis of the sport of figure skating through the lens of two long-distance besties and pop-culture devotees who met on a figure skating fan discussion board.

Each week leading up to and culminating with the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, we dissected the events and headlines that popped during the skating season from the perspective of two people who have been participants in the sport in varying capacities for over 20 years now.

All episodes of Iced Coffee from the 2017-2018 season are LIVE and available on all the platforms Coffee and Bars is available: iTunes, Stitcher and Libsyn. This podcast is currently on hiatus but may return at a later date.

**Update: Here’s our 2018 Olympic figure skating drinking game.**

Why skating? Let’s explain.

22426089_10159533145025094_1883553457_oBoth of your hosts of Coffee and Bars have a long history with the sport of figure skating:

Sylvia Rodemeyer skated for a decade, worked as a coach in her teens and early twenties, and also wrote about the sport as a journalist. She shared the ice with many of today’s Olympians, which says more about how young they were than about her skill level. Between her collection and Joe’s, they probably have enough skating memorabilia and videos from the ’80s-’00s to best the Figure Skating Hall Of Fame.

Joe Erbentraut has only taken the ice a handful of times, but ran a successful figure skating news site called The Skate Blade for several years, in addition to designing and running official websites for a handful of Olympian skaters. He also wrote about the sport as a journalist.

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Thanks to the support for fans who have come to us through both Golden Skate and FSUniverse — two great places to discuss this wacky sport we love.

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