2018 olympic figure skating recap: team event

The second-ever Olympic figure skating team event is now in the books, and as a part of our Iced Coffee coverage of the Games, we recapped the action with special guest host Jocelyn Jane Cox.

Listen on Apple Podcasts. Or Stitcher. Or Libsyn.

Cox is a humor writer, figure skating coach and a former elite skater as well. Jocelyn’s been published on HuffPost, Slate and Scary Mommy and she just published her new book, First Day on the Ice. It’s a book aimed at parents considering getting their kids into skating or parents who have already done that and are looking for more information.

Also be sure to read Cox’s piece for Slate from the 2010 Games: “I never made the Olympics as a figure skater. Yes, I’m a little bitter.”

Stay tuned for more Olympic figure skating recaps with more guest hosts in the weeks ahead!

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