episode 17: ‘are we not punks?’

As the Rio Olympics drag on, we continue to keep an eye out for Bob Costas’ eye health and are overjoyed with Leslie Jones’ work for NBC. We’re also reading up on an impressive oral history of one of our favorite films, Jawbreaker, and enjoying a re-release of a little-seen John Waters classic. (8/18/16)

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episode 3: ‘nothing compares 2 prince’

On the third episode of Coffee and Bars, we are mourning Prince. Hard. And discuss his unusual perspective on covers and his complicated relationship with the queer community, queer women in particular. Also: Surya Bonaly, James Franco, Jawbreaker: The Musical and Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast’s) epic twitter rant on Chris Brown and rape culture in the music industry.

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